30 Before 30

I turned 29 this month which means it’s now less than a year until I turn 30, as well, that’s how time works. A friend recently posted on Facebook that she wanted to do 30 challenges before she turned 30 and asked for ideas. I thought it was a great idea and asked if I could steal it. She said yes, and here we are – my own 30 before 30.

In the name of research, and because I had all the enthusiasm for the challenge but was low on ideas, I had a bit of a Google to see if other people had done something similar and basically what I could do.

To be honest I wish I hadn’t because some people’s lists would mean I’d have to win the lottery, or rob a bank to achieve them. Like seriously, who are these people who can afford to buy a house, go to five new countries, swim with dolphins, fly first class, buy a car and more all in one year?! Good for them I guess, but as someone who is trying to save for a wedding this year most of my spare cash will be tied up in that, so I wanted to write my own list that was more realistic, and you know, won’t bankrupt me.

1 – Learn to do calligraphy

This might be somewhat of a challenge because my handwriting is appalling and I’m also the least artistic person in the world. But it looks pretty and will be a very useful skill for the wedding!

2 – Run any sort of distance that feels like an accomplishment

I don’t even run for the bus, I hate running and it just makes me realise I’m unfit. I also have never been for a run outside as I’m scared of people seeing how bad I am at running. I know that’s silly as that’s how you get better, but that’s just my brain. I want to become one of those people who looks happy, or at least not hating it, as they run along the seafront.

3 – Write 52 blog posts

I’m not going to say stick to weekly blogging, because life happens and sometimes I won’t be able to post every seven days, but 52 gives me the chance to make up a post or two if I need to.

4 – Make a photo album

I want to get better at actually printing out more photos as they are so nice to have around the flat. We’re also really keen to take on a tradition my cousin and her husband do, of making a photo album of each year.

5 – Take a makeup class

See goal number one about not being artistic, but as well as having terrible handwriting I’m no good with eyeliner or eye makeup in general. I always say this is because I wear glasses and it’s hard to put makeup on your eyes when you can’t really see, but that’s probably just an excuse. I know quite a few brands do them at their counters, so I’d like give one a whirl.

6 – Read 12 or more books

I used to be such a little bookworm, but I haven’t been reading as much recently. At least a book a month feels like a doable target.

7 – Attempt flower arranging

I love having flowers in the house, but I tend to buy them and just plonk them in a vase or jug as they are. I’d like to play around a little bit more and try my own arrangements. I’m also optimistic about being able to make our bouquets for the wedding, so some practice would be helpful!

8 – Get more involved in the Labour Party

I’m already a member and I’m involved at a local level with the women’s forum, but I’d like to up my contribution this year.

9 – More Yoga/Pilates

I love both yoga and Pilates but I’m not going to classes regularly at a studio as I’m trying to save money. However it is something I can do it at home, I just need to get my mat out and actually do it.

10 – Take Dan to the Harry Potter Studio Tour

I’m a massive fan and prior to us getting together Dan hadn’t read or watched any of them. I quickly amended that and we watched all of the films last Christmas. This year I’d like to continue to conversation and take him on the tour. Also I love it and a third trip just seems necessary.

11 – Grow my hair

I used to have super long hair, but it wasn’t in very good condition so I cut it quite short. I’ve been growing it for a while now, but I’d like to get it to below my boobs again. This is actually more work than it sounds as I still need trims all the time to keep it in a semi decent condition.

12 – Get good at baking

I used to bake a lot, but as I prefer cooking I haven’t baked anything in ages. I’d like to try some more recipes and generally improve the end result of what I make!

13 – Take at least one selfie a month (and actually post it on Instagram)

I’m not that keen in taking photos of myself as I don’t tend to like them unless other people are in them. I need to get better at this and feel a bit more confident, so I’ll be trying to put more on Instagram.

14 – Complete another 2 modules of my masters

I’m studying a Health Promotion masters part time, and it’s very part time. I only did one module last year and at this rate I’ll never graduate, so this year I want to double my efforts!

15 – Be able to do 30 push ups

My arm strength is shocking. Actually I’d like to be stronger in general, but this seems like  good place to start as I can do about 2 before falling flat on my face.

16  – Have waste free periods

I’ve been using a Mooncup for a while now, but I don’t use it consistently. I want to invest in some cloth menstrual pads too.

17 – Become a morning person

To be honest this is probably the hardest thing on the list. I used to be great at getting up in the morning and used to have time to do loads of things before work, now I completely suck. No idea how I’m going to do this, please send tips!

18 – Experience a flotation tank

I think ever since I saw the Simpsons episode as a kid where they go in the tanks I’ve wanted to try it. There’s a place that does it pretty close to our flat now, so no excuses.

19 – Go to a women’s football match

Dan loves football and I’ve never been bothered by it, but we did go to a match together last year and I shockingly didn’t hate it. I think I might find women’s football more interesting, so I’m going to get us tickets to a local match.

20 – Plan a wedding

Seems pretty important if we want to get married next year. Dan says this is a cheat as we’d do this anyway, but I say it counts because it’s clearly going to take a lot of effort.

21 – Try paddle boarding in the sea

I’ve been paddle boarding twice and really liked it, however neither of these times has been on the sea. When we were on a lake even a little ripple in the water would cause me to fall off, so the sea is a bigger challenge!

22 – See more comedy

I’m not really into stand up, but that’s probably because so much of it I’ve just found offensive and not funny. I know it’s just because I haven’t found comedians I really like, so that’s something I want to do.

23 – Go to two or more art exhibitions

This sounds silly, but I’ve never really got art. I’ll see something and class it as pretty or not pretty, but most of the meaning behind it is lost on me. However Dan did a History of Art degree and I enjoy going round galleries with him as he can provide some much needed context.  

24 – Visit 15 pubs that are new to me

I love a good pub, and we’re really lucky in Brighton and Hove as there are loads. I’d like to go to more, particularly in parts of the city I’m less familiar with.

25 – Make do and mend

Part of trying to save money is fixing things that are broken, rather than replacing things. I have a very long list including shoes that need new soles, coats that need buttons sewing back on and electronics that need to be taken somewhere to people who know how to fix them. I want to fix everything on the list.

26 – Bullet Journal

I haven’t kept a diary in a while, but I really like the idea of trying out bullet journalling. Plus it will probably help me keep on top of this list.

27 – Find a signature perfume

Might sound like a bit of an odd one, but I love perfume. My current favourite isn’t cruelty free, so I won’t be repurchasing. I know practically nothing about cruelty free options either, and combine that with how fussy I am about scent it might take a while to find.

28 – Crack meal prepping

In theory I love the idea of meal prepping – eating healthy and spending less time in the kitchen during weekdays, but in practice I’m just not organised enough. Hopefully adding it to this list is the kick up the bum I need.

29 – Do an outfit blog post

Now I know I already have a blog goal of 52 posts, but this is separate as it’s very out of my comfort zone. I love clothes, but as I’ve said, I’m camera shy unless other people are in the pictures.

30 – Do something nice for my 30th

I don’t know if this will be a big party, or something else entirely but it seems like a good way to end my twenties.



What would you put on your 30 before 30 list?