Making a Little Extra Money Online for the Wedding Fund

So as you may have heard, I recently got engaged! You can read about the story here, which if I do say so myself is very sweet and romantic.

I’m super excited and can’t wait to get stuck into wedding planning, as I think there’s lots of opportunities to do fun and creative things for it. I’ve already made about a million Pinterest boards and started to plan out in my head what our day might be like.

One part of weddings I’d prefer not to think about is the cost! Seriously even when looking at doing a lot of things DIY it’s mind boggling the amount of money some things are. Due to this it never hurts to look at ways to make a bit of extra cash on the side to go towards little extras. There are a few ways I’ve been making a little bit of extra money and I thought it would be helpful to share for fellow brides to be, but also anyone that, you know, needs extra money for another ASOS order.


Talking of ASOS… While I’m trying to save I still sometimes make purchases online, because well, things are still nice. This month my fiance and about a million of my friends (or at least how it feels) have had birthdays, so I’ve bought a fair few gifts! Also Christmas is approaching at high speed!

I use cash back if I can for everything I buy online, as it all adds up. I go to Top Cashback, type in the site I want to buy something from, click the link and depending on the offer earn on average between 1%-5% on the amount I spend. They use affiliate links, which is how you get paid a percentage of what they make. Obviously the money isn’t always guaranteed, for more information Money Saving Expert is helpful, but as long as you use it for purchases you would have made anyway if they cashback doesn’t come through you won’t have lost anything. Also make sure you sign up for their free membership!


For me one of the easiest ways is through doing surveys online. It’s pretty straightforward, you answer questions on a range of topics from politics to beauty products to films and you get paid. Sometimes this is cash and sometimes it’s vouchers. Obviously cash is my preference, but if I’m smart with the vouchers they can all be used for things wedding related. My current favourites are:

YouGov: The clues in the name, but YouGov regularly send surveys about the government and politics, along with more general surveys. They only send a few surveys a week at most, but you always qualify for each survey you get sent, unlike some others. For each survey you complete you get points on your account and when you earn 5000 points you can convert it into £50 cash. This does take awhile to build up, but it’s very satisfying when you get to this number!

Swagbucks: There are lots of ways you can earn points on Swagbucks but to be honest I only do the surveys. You usually get several a day, but you won’t always qualify – this means you may answer 10 questions and then find they’ve already had their quota of say females in their late twenties and they’ll screen you out. This can be annoying, but as there’s so many surveys on the site there are usually a few you’ll qualify for. You get rewarded with points and you can convert these for gift vouchers, for example at current rates 1360 points will get you a £10 John Lewis voucher, or cash, where 1600 points will get you £10 in your Paypal account.

PanelBase: These pay in cash and you can withdraw as soon as you hit £10, which is nice as it doesn’t take too long to reach this amount. I tend to get 6 or 7 surveys a week, and qualify for maybe over half of these, but obviously that depends on how many people with similar demographics to you have completed the same survey that day.

I hope this has been helpful, what methods do you use to make extra money? I’d love to hear about them!

Some affiliate links have been used above, because wedding fund, but if you don't want to click on them just type the name into Google. That's fine too!