Our Engagement Photos

Look how cute our engagement photos are! I adore taking photos, I’m always that annoying person taking photos of my food, the surroundings and anyone that will hold still long enough for me to get a snap. It occurred to me recently although I take loads, it’s been years since I’ve printed any out.

I don’t know if it’s my recent engagement (yes, I know I’ve mentioned it a million times), but I’ve been feeling much more sentimental recently. I also realised that when telling our engagement story to people I’ve had to make do with showing them the photos on my phone, and it would have been much nicer to show them hard copies. Also one of the lovely things about being engaged is you get sent tonnes of thoughtful cards. Sadly it’s not acceptable to have them up in our flat anymore as we got engaged a couple of months ago, so I decided I’d like to do something with them.

The plan is to create a big scrapbook, filled with our cards and lots of engagement photos we took in Bath (where we got engaged). I headed to Printiki to order some prints to use in the scrapbook, and generally to put up in the flat. I went for the square prints with the white boarder as I think they look great, and to be honest due to Instragram I take a lot of my photos as squares to begin with. Please tell me I’m not the only person who does this?

I’m looking forward to spending the increasingly dark evenings scrapbooking with a glass of wine in hand. I’d offer to show you the results but as I’m not the most creative bean it’s probably best left for the two of us. I keep telling myself the scrapbook is for sentimental reasons not aesthetic anyway! As for the ones I printed out for the flat, I haven’t decided what I’m doing with these yet, but there are some really cool ideas on Printiki’s Instagram I’m using for inspiration.

If you wanted to get some Printiki  photos of your own printed you can use the codeFW6TZPUD” for free delivery.

Let me know if you have any scrapbooking tips, I think I’ll need them!

Printiki kindly gifted me these photos, but all opinions are my own