Our Engagement Story

So first things first – we got engaged!! Yay!

As it’s been nearly two weeks since the proposal, I thought it would be nice to share the story of how it happened. I may be a little biased, but I think it’s very special.

At the beginning of the summer we’d booked a few days off work in August with the view to going away somewhere not too far away. We’d had a few conversations about how few cities I’d actually been to in the UK and some of the places I wanted to explore, so we decided a UK break would be a good idea. Dan asked if he could pick the place and book it as a surprise to which I agreed, and if I’m honest I didn’t think too much more about it. I’m very lucky and it’s not unlike him to plan surprises so I just thought it was him being him, I certainly didn’t think it’s because he was planning a proposal.

The night before we went away I was told what the weather was doing in the city we were going to, and the kind of clothes I needed to pack. There was also a bikini/swimming costume on the list which really confused me as none of the cities we’d talked about were located on the seaside, but I did as I was told and packed my cozzy.

The next morning we arrived at the train station and jumped on a train heading west. I wasn’t even allowed to hold my train ticket when going through the barriers incase I peaked. For the journey Dan had made a playlist for us to listen to, which is actually a journey tradition for us and we have a headphone splitter specially for it, and I was told there were clues and red herrings to listen out for. Based on the trains directions and some of the songs I had an idea of where we were going, and it was confirmed we were going to Bristol by the Gossip’s “Standing in the way of control” (a song Dan know’s I associate with Skins, which is set in Bristol).

We had a lovely first day in Bristol, which involved some sightseeing and a few pubs, including one where we had amazing pizza on a pretty rooftop terrace. Upon returning to the hotel I was informed the next day we were going to Bath for the day, which was exciting. I love Bath – I went earlier in the year for my best friends hen do and when I came home mentioned to Dan how much I’d like to go back, so a day trip there was pretty perfect.

We had another great day of eating, drinking, museums and sightseeing and then in the late afternoon headed to the Roman Baths. I love history so really enjoyed the whole thing, I’d highly recommend a visit if you go to Bath.

Near the end of the museums part there’s a pool you can throw money into which gets donated to charity. Dan threw three and all of them landed in the circle in the middle and I wasn’t going to bother as i have terrible aim, but changed my mind at the last second and grabbed a coin. I threw it in and as it was in the air decided I should quickly make a wish before it hit the water and went for the very short ‘Dan, always’ before it landed in the centre circle (which I was very proud of). Yes it’s maybe a cheesy wish, but that’s where my brain went while the coin was in the air!

For some reason I thought the Roman Baths were the only baths in Bath, which is untrue and Dan said we were next heading to the Cross Baths. Wow, is that a record for the most times someone has said ‘bath’ in a sentence? Anyway, we headed in that direction and I realised this is why I needed my swimming costume, we were going to get in the spa! I love water and the building looked beautiful so safe to say I was pretty excited.

We arrived at the building and waited outside and it’s then I found out he’d not only booked us in at the spa, but he’d booked the whole thing! Our own private spa bath (apart from the man who sat by the entrance slightly out of view for the hour and a half we had it for, I assume it’s his job to ensure people don’t drown or try and have sex there?). This is why i haven’t linked to the Cross Baths website above as I don’t want to know how much it costs to do this, and I know he wouldn’t want me to either.

Inside it’s beautiful and the water is pumped from a natural thermal spring. I swear you feel like you can float in it more easily, but that might just be me! We sat in the warm pool relaxing and talked about our trip and life in general. It’s then Dan said some very, very nice things and then asked me to marry him!

I think I kissed him before I said yes – I sort of almost forgot the yes part as I was so happy! We then spent the rest of the time we had in the bath smiling, talking and just generally being excited. It was so nice to have the time and space to be completely alone (apart from the no drowning and shagging guy) and just enjoy the first hour of being engaged together.

After we left we headed to a vegetarian Indian restaurant round the corner Dan had booked which was an excellent choice as I love a good curry! The food was excellent, although I only ate ab

out half of mine as I was too excited and the evening went by in a bit of a happy blur. We left and headed back to the hotel to call our loved ones and share the news. By the time we went to sleep I think my face hurt from smiling so much.

All in all I think it was the perfect proposal and I couldn’t be happier that we’re getting married and going to spend the rest of our lives together. Thank you to everyone who has already sent congratulations over social media, we really appreciate it.


Now to plan a wedding!

Oh and also if you want to make any wishes I strongly suggest doing so by throwing a coin into one of the pools in the Roman Baths as it seems to work – my wish came true about an hour after I made it.